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Topic: Web Design Abode has been officially launched by mustafa on 24.12.2007

We at worldofpakistan.net group of websites are pleased to announce the launching of our brand new website.

Web Design Abode is a website unlike other. It is basically a site about web designing. Over here users can get their sites reviewed by other posters on the site. The thing that sets this site apart from all those other forum websites claiming to be design websites, is that we actually prove that we are a site with a class, and publish regularlly free templates produced by us. This site is forum plus content driven and both go hand in hand. we also provide tips and articles on how to improve your skills as a web designer.

we hope that you have a great time here, and learn alot from us.

link: http://webdesignabode.worldofpakistan.net/


mustafa neguib

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