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Linkpage analyzer.

Linkpage :
Give the URL of the page you want to analyze.

Linkpage Analyzer explained.

When someone invites you to exchange links you are asked to put a link to their website on a linkpage on your site. In return he or she will suggest a page where the link to your site will be placed. This whole process is also automated by some linkexchange providing websites like Gotlinks and LinkMetro. There you can find the site to exchange with and they can check if the link is still there. But they don't check the quality of the suggested linkpage. You can use this tool to check the quality of the suggested page.
Remember this, when the suggested pages are not spidered by the search engines they will hardly give you any traffic. But your well indexed pages will give them the traffic they want. So check it out before you exchange.

Webmasters should know how to structure a website using or not using frames, style sheets and navigation. They have to know how to submit their pages to search engines. This is not important for you. The only thing you want to know is the quality of the linkpage.

The best websites to exchange links with are those in your own category. Check the keywords to see if there is a match.

The analyzer gives 0 to 5 stars to a page. 5 Stars is a very good page to exchange links with. Don't exchange with pages with no star at all. Because the used technics are limited this is only an advice. It will allways be your own disicion to exchange or not.

Use the Linkpage Analyzer to analyze the pages your link will be on. Your traffic and PageRank will benefit.

Linkpage Analyzer box on your site

Copy and Paste the link below without changing it.

Looks like:
Linkpage Analyzer box

If you want to have a WebmasterLookup-linkpage analyzer box on your site copy this link and put it somewere on your site. The results will show an link exchange advice in the window or frame you placed the link in. Experiment to find out the the best fitting implementation.