The benefits of linking.

If you want to know how important your website on the internet is you can check your PageRank that was given to you by Google. The higher your PageRank, the more important your website, the higher you come in the searchresults. 
The PageRank of your website is determent by the number of links to your site from other websites.

Beside the number of links to you is the quality of that links important for the PageRank. What is the PageRank of that other site, how many levels deep is the link to you from the homepage, what is the subject of the linking website...? These things say something about the quality of the link.

The quality of the links offered by WebmastersLookup is achieved by the focus of WebmastersLookup on Web design the related subjects. WebmastersLookup offers 3 different possibility's to make quality links for website owners.

1. The Profile link. As a member of WebmastersLookup you have links to your website and the sites in your portfolio in your profile-page. By making a link form your site to your WebmastersLookup Profile your sites will by automatically spidered by search engines. Click here to become a free member of Webmasterslookup.

2. Reciprocal Link. WebmastersLookup serves a directory of highly focused sites which exchanged links with us. Click here to exchange links.

3. Website monitor. Our Website Availability Monitor checks every our if participating sites are still present. The list shows the up-time percentage. This list creates 3 high value links to your website. The content of the list changes every hour and search engines will recognize this as a important page to spider. The spider frequency of this page is higher than from other pages. You have to be a member if you want to participate in this service; it costs $ 0.50 dollar per site per day.