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KEI Calculator.

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KEI Calculator explained.

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The Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) is the square of the popularity of a keyword multiplied by 1000 and divided by the number of sites which appear in search engines for that keyword. It is invented to measure which keywords are worth optimizing your site for and used by Search Engine Optimizers (SEO). The higher the KEI, better the keyword.
In this case we took the popularity count of a keyword and the number of sites which appear in Google for that keyword. Other counts and other search engines will give another outcome. So this calculation in no more and no less than an indication of how good a keyword is. will not accept any responsebility of the calculations.
Try another keyword (e.g. leaf spaces out) if you get a 'No matching keywords' message.
The site is to busy if the result of a keyword is missing. You try again later if you want to. Using this calculator is free.